The historic built environment has a lot of potential for revival if the factors affecting its urban context are thoroughly considered. When dealing with the conservation of a heritage site we broaden our angle of examination to meet the entire neighborhood, including social, economic and environmental factors. We then work on developing optimum sustainable solutions benefiting both the heritage site and its surrounding urban context.

Darb El Labbanah Regeneration Project, phase 2, 2014-

This planning project is located in the heart of old Islamic Cairo in a derelict neighborhood called Darb El Labbanah, where the authentic historic fabric is still preserved. The maitre of the project is GAIA company for real estate development.


Urban Proposal for the Vacant Plot of Former Alexandria Municipality Building, 2012

When the former building of Alexandria Municipality burnt down completely during the events of the 2011 revolution several initiatives have been made to propose a future use of the vacant plot. Our practice's vision, which was submitted to the Alexandria Governorate in 2012, studied the potentiality of the location in terms of the cluster of cultural activities around and the proximity to Alexandria's Greco-Roman museum.


The regeneration scheme for the urban complex around Hotel National, Port Said, 2012

When our practice was commissioned to carry out the feasibility study of turning the derelict building of Hotel National in Port Said to become the premises of Alliance Francaise de Port Said we were keen to also develop a sustainable development vision for the whole site.



The Urban Harmony of Al Khazindar Square, Cairo, 2010

Within the scope of the architectural competition launched by the National Organization for Urban Harmony in collaboration with the Holding Company for Tourism, Hotels and Cinema for the rehabilitation of the department store Sednaoui Al Khazindar the candidates were also required to put a proposal for the regeneration of Al Khazindar Square. Our proposal for the building as well as the square won first prize and was featured in : Portrait de Ville, "Le Caire" http://www.citechaillot.fr/fr/auditorium/24562-portrait_de_ville_le_caire.html


The revival scheme for the historic site of the Pompeii Pillar and the Catacombs in Alexandria, 2010