Technical Coordination

We are happily taking over the role of the technical coordinator in local projects involving the collaboration between foreign bodies, management, consultancy, sponsor, etc, and local partners, authorities, owners, architects and engineers, or other relevant stakeholders, etc. We make sure that the information and the service are well communicated.


Deutsche Schule Alexandria New Campus, Alexandria 2014

Partners / Stakeholders

Project Owner: DSB Alexandria / Kongregation der Borromäerinnen, Germany
Project Management: Aedificas, Germany
Local Authority: Governorate of Alexandria
Stakeholders: German Embassy in Cairo / Auswaertiges Amt, Germany / Bundesamt fuer Bauwesen und Raumordnung, Germany
Technical Coordination: May El Tabbakh Architects

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The Darb El Labbanah Sustainable Development Initiative, Cairo 2010

Partners / Stakeholders

Project Architect: Serge B. Santelli, France
Bureau d'Etudes: Environment Quality International (EQI)
Sponsor: GAIA S.A.E.
Local Authority: Governorate of Cairo / Supreme Council of Antiquities / National Organization for Urban Harmony (NOAH)
Technical Coordination & Senior conservationist: May El Tabbakh Architects

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