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The historic built environment never seizes to be the inspiration for our research activities. With a special interest in the city of Alexandria we have a passion for tracing and identifying the hidden and forgotten urban and architectural layers around. We publish these findings and help raise the cultural awareness.



1. Egyptian correspondence to the Arab Center for Architecture in Beirut, since 2014

We helped collect archival material from within Egypt for the Arab Center for Architecture in Beirut to be displayed on their online database and to be included under the Egyptian section in their publication for the Kingdom of Bahrain's pavilion at the 2014 Venice architectural Biennale.
Arab Center for Architecture

Arab Center for Architecture

2. El Tabbakh, M., 2009, The Marriage Between A Listed Building And A Foreign Culture Occupancy – Is It Sustainable?, MSc Bartlett Thesis 2009. Available from:


Alexandria's cosmopolitan built heritage,  since 2010

A series of publications on the architectural modern heritage in Alexandria is in progress.

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